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If you love our seasoning you’ll love our other products, too! We have salsa mixes, rubs, dips, and more to choose from. Explore our website and find your favorite products. You won’t be disappointed! We also offer private labeling services for those looking to start their own business.

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J&R Simple Salsa creates our products with care. When you taste a J&R Simple Salsa product, you really taste the difference. We are dedicated to making a product that is fresh and flavorful. Contact us today or view our website for more information.
What better way to spice up a dish than some delectable seasoning from J&R Simple Salsa? Our seasoning is made with the same dedication and care that goes into all of our products. Explore all our different flavors and options!

Types of Seasonings

We have a variety of flavors for you to choose from. Try our guacamole seasoning for the perfect compliment to our salsas. Grab some of our taco seasoning while you’re at it to have a full Mexican feast! Want to have the best chili on the block? Try our amazing "AWARD WINNING" Chili seasoning to give it that burst of flavor it needs. We have a seasoning for just about every occasion, so check out all our great options and stock up on your favorites.

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Our seasonings are both delicious and versatile. There are tons of great recipes you can cook up using the products from J&R Simple Salsa. Check out our recipes page where we have composed some 46 Great recipes to make some incredible dishes. Try your hand at cooking up your own special recipe if you’re feeling adventurous! We love hearing about new recipes that our customers have created using our products.

A Product You Can Trust

Just like all our products, our seasonings are MSG and preservative free.  98% of them are also GLUTEN FREE. To ensure that everyone can enjoy our incredible products, we make sure to produce and package all of our products in a facility that does not package nuts of any kind. It’s this dedication to quality assurance and fresh ingredients that set J&R Simple Salsa apart from the rest. We know how difficult it is to find food products that meet certain dietary restrictions while still tasting great. That’s why we’ve perfected our recipes so you get all the benefits of a healthy product without sacrificing any of the flavor.

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