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At J&R Simple Salsa , we’re always happy to hear from you. Our products are made with the best ingredients, to the highest standard, and packaged in our FDA approved and inspected Texas facility. But, one of the most important aspects of the quality of our products is you! You can let us know if we’re keeping our promise of keeping up the expected Simple Salsa quality.

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If you’d prefer to give J&R Simple Salsa a call with your questions or comments, you can! Call Rich on (936) 933-1742, or Julie on (936) 933-1712. If there’s no answer, just leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can OR Feel free to send us a quick message below

Our regular hours are Monday-Friday, 9-5 CST, so please remember this when you give us a call. You can also write to us at J&R Simple Salsa, Tyler, TX 75701.

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J&R Simple Salsa really values the relationship we have with our customers. That’s why we want to hear from you! While we are dedicated to bringing you the best, highest quality products we can, we’re always open to new ideas and feedback.

If you’d like to share your culinary experience with our products, you can also be featured on our seasoning and salsa Testimonials page so that you can let others know just how much you love our recipes! From experience, we know you’ll love our products, so contact us today with your order.